AXEL Off Road Helmet

AXEL Off Road was founded 2012 by Axel and Marvin Stammel - as a father & son business. With several decades of wheeling experience around the USA and in Europe, the two enthusiasts continued to build up their Jeeps to meet the ever changing, every growing safety challenges they took on. And with the growing capability also the threat grew oftentimes to painful levels of dents and bangs their heads had to suffer through on a regular trail day. 

AXEL Off Road Trail helmets were born. A true helmet for people who actually don't like bulky heavy buckets that limit visibility and make you break a sweat the second to put them on. AOR Trail Helmets are light, comfortable, easy to put on and off, and protect the ambitious wheeler who likes a challenge perfectly from the risk of painful hits and serious injuries. 

AXEL Off Road has helped protecting people where they had never expected any danger. Danger sneaks up on you on the trails before you know it. The motto "wear it when you need it" refers to the fact that a helmet is a vital piece of on-board equipment, ready to provide peace of mind for driver, passengers, friends and loved-ones and whoever else cares that you come home healthy...

AXEL Off Road strives to deliver well designed products for their customers with the utmost level of comfort, reliability and durability. AOR takes great pride in customer satisfaction and a happy, well protected community. This is why the entire team stands up for safety concerns and a healthy way to enjoy our wonderful sport in the great mind blowing outdoors, every day!