Just Helm-it.
Here is to Zero Bangs for your Bucks!

Things happen fast, and they happen before you know it! When we go wheeling we seek the challenge, pick a new line, take the harder trail, try to go faster and often expose ourselves to new terrain where we don't really know what's coming at us around the next corner. 

Here some tipps to stay safe:

  • Keep helmet in the vehicle like an extinguisher, gas can or a towing rope
  • UTV drivers go faster than Crawlers so keep the helmet on at any time
  • Jeeps with tech modifications should keep the helmet handy on the trails
  • Put helmet on before approaching the obstacle(s), make sure it sits snug
  • Moderate trails can turn into real tough ones, so better be safe than sorry
  • Usually when throttle is required so is a helmet - so think and act ahead
  • Steep uphill/downhill rides are better approached with peace of mind
  • Cage, trees, rocks, debris, passengers cause the most common impacts
  • Crawl Buggies on difficult trails should always keep their helmet on
  • Bouncy roads can be demanding too, so avoid rattle-hits from your cage
  • Often a bandana or a cap can fit under your helmet if you want to
  • Yes - keeping your helmet on at all times is the best way to protect yourself and come home healthy. You'll be surprised how comfortable our helmets are. They won't limit your sight, you won't break a sweat or itch, they're super light and won't limit your joy of the open outdoors.