AXEL Off Road Helmet Trail Plus: Matte Black
AXEL Off Road Helmet Trail Plus: Matte Black
AXEL Off Road Helmet Trail Plus: Matte Black
Trail Plus helmet by AXEL Off Road offers great quality and super comfortable safety. This good looking helmet sits low in your face and offers the perfect ventilation to keep you cool even in the toughest terrain. The soft neoprene alike padding is very durable and easy to clean. With the hand dial you can adjust this Trail Plus model to fit just perfect. Trail Plus is super light and quick and easy to put on and off. Make it your onboard-standard-equipment and stay safe!
AXEL Off Road Helmet Trail Plus: Matte Black

AXEL Off Road Helmet Trail Plus: Matte Black

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AXEL Off Road Helmet Trail Plus: Protection meets Style & Comfort!

“Trail Plus” looks good, feels good and works reliably when the going gets rough! During steep climbs, bouncing off rocks, swift tricky moves or any situation that could result in a roll over can easily end badly and should always be approached with confidence in your safety gear – your helmet. The “Trail Plus” model is extremely convenient to use!

Perfect Fit: Low sitting “eyebrow” fit; super lightweight; great visibility; adjustable size; easy to rinse/clean. The adjustable dial fit can change the size significantly in either direction.
High Impact Protection: ABS Shell, against hard bumps, scratches, concussions due to roll-cage, rocks, tree hits.
Padding and Comfort: Molded EVA foam liner, neoprene-like material, super soft; 10 vents, quick release buckle.
Certification: US and EU compliance for action-sports usage; NOT DOT approved for regular on-road driving. Certification and Quality Standard: CE EN1385 
We call it the “Helmet for people who “hate” helmets” as this one is so comfortable you will hardly notice it. Act responsibly. Avoid the pain, bleeding, concussion or worse, and return home safe and sound! Winch, towing rope, gas can, extinguisher are all mandaty items… make a helmet part of your standard on board equipment. Be smart, stay smart. Ride on with peace of mind and take wheeling challenges the enjoyable way!


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